This is a big question for us. it needs a lot of thought and analyses to decide it. in short, there are some ways to prove it. among of them are: The learning process and management. Learning process depends on the curriculum, good lecturers, facilities, and raw input (students), while management sometimes need a strong finance.

so what should PT do to make a quality output/outcome? the answer is: planning. A planning plays an important role in proving it. thus, failing to plan is planning to fail. in another word. PT should make a good planning. it can be started from:

1. Decide the needed quality of outcome

2. Determine the way of how to measure the standard achievement

3. Determine the standard of input (learning readiness = learning prerequisite)

4. Determine the way of how to measure quality standard of input

5. Plan the learning program to delivery the quality standard of input to quality standard of outcome.

6. select the qualified lecturer to act the program planned

7. fulfill the facilities to help the process of achievement the standard quality of outcome

8. Act the program planned

9. Measure standard quality of outcome with suitable given

10. Evaluate the implementation of program and revise or improve the lack.

should the quality need the high cost?

Prof. Dr. Arif Furqon, said that it doesn’t need a high cost. but it need the total teamwork which can make a good planning, if it is worth, PT can collaborate with a consultant. it doesn’t need.

the important things to think are:

1. make a qualified outcome

2. decide the priority of subject to blow up

3. select the quality resource

4. manage the finance as  efficient as possible.

let’s try to start from the small, right now, and from our own elf.


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